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Reversible fluorescent MHC I Streptamer® reagents for staining of antigen-specific (CD8+) T cells

Fluorescent MHC I Streptamer® reagents comprise a MHC I-Strep which has to be associated with a Strep-Tactin® fluorochrome  in a short incubation step. The resulting Streptamer® multimers are then used for antigen-specific staining of the target cells. After staining and FACS sorting, the Streptamer® reagents can be completely removed from the cells with biotin (stock solution included in the Streptamer® Solution Set Standard for washing and dissociation.

Modular Streptamer® technology : the MHC I-Streps can be associated either with a Strep-Tactin® fluorochrome for cell staining or with a Strep-Tactin® Magnetic Bead for cell isolation.

Single MHC I Streptamer® products for cell staining
choose among a great variety
of different alleles and antigens
for staining of 2.5x10^8 cells or for isolation out of 5x10^8 cells human or 2.5x10^8 cells mouse*
to be associated with MHC I-Streps
for staining of 2.5x10^8 cells*
Buffer IS 10x for washing
Biotin stock solution for dissociation
1 x 50 ml
1 x 1 ml
Buffer IS 10x for washing
Biotin stock solution for dissociation
1 x 550 ml
1 x 5 ml
5) Nylon filter tubes for removal of cell clumps 10 pieces

*For larger amounts please refer to the product list or inquire at

Streptamer® Custom Service

We develop and produce MHC I Streptamers for your specific antigen, please refer to our Custom Service.
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