Fab Streptamer® Isolation Kits MB for reversible, receptor-specific magnetic isolation of lymphocytes

Fab Streptamer® Isolation Kits MB are designed for manual cell isolation with magnetic microbeads (MB) and a permanent magnet (IBA´s StrepMan for 2x15 and 2x50 ml Falcon tubes). They enable single or multiple serial positive selections of target cells / cell subsets without the need for preceding depletion steps or negative selections.

Single positive selection is performed with one marker, i.e. one Fab-Strep like CD8 Fab-Strep. Cell subsets can be isolated with a second or third marker (double serial positive selection like CD4+ CD25+ Treg isolation or triple serial positive selection like CD8+ CD62L+ CD45RO+ Tcm isolation).

After cell isolation, all Streptamer® labeling reagents can be removed from the cells and cells are ready for down-stream applications.

The kit includes all Streptamer® reagents for cell labeling (from 1x10^9 or 2x10^9 cells) and for subsequent removal of labeling reagents from the cells. The StrepMan permanent magnet can be rented for a free trial phase, please get your quote.