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Application examples for Detection with Strep-tag® Antibodies


Immunofluorescence with StrepMAB-Classic Oyster 488

Strep-NogoB fusion protein stained with StrepMAB-Classic Oyster 488 1:300 in Schwann cells.
Fixation: 100 % MetOH, 10 min, RT
StrepMAB Classic 488 1:300 in 3 % NGS/1 % BSA 4 °C o/n
Kindly provided by: Dr. rer. nat. Rüdiger Schweigreiter, Sektion für Neurobiochemie, Biozentrum, Medizinische Universität Innsbruck 




FACS analysis of Zymosan, stained with StrepMAB-Immo Oyster 645 and - Chromeo 642 against Clec7-One-STrEP-tag 1:100, 20 min, on ice. Kindly provided by: Dr. K. Neumann, III Med. Klinik, TUM München

Protein Immobilization (BIAcore)

During the washing phase, the recombinant Strep-tag® protein of interest remains tightly bound to StrepMAB-Immo, while a significant amount of Strep-tag® protein is washed off using the competitive antibody.