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IBA Expression Vectors:

E. coli For recombinant protein expression in E. coli, vectors for the Tet (pASG-IBA) and T7 (pPSG-IBA) expression system are available. The choice of expression system and vector depends on the characteristics of the protein. Due to the identical multiple cloning sites different vector backbones can be easily tested.

Expression in mammalian cells can be achieved with the CMV promoter based expression vectors for high protein yields in a wide range of mammalian cells.

In addition, with its new mammalian expression system MEXi IBA offers a complete expression system including vectors, HEK293E cell line and medium.

Yeast For expression in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, IBA provides the pYSG-IBA vector series with CUP1 promoter regulated expression.
Insect Cells Expression vectors for insect cells (pLSG-IBA vectors) are equipped with the polyhedrin promoter.

Since IBA is using a universal cloning strategy for all vectors the switch between different vector backbones and even hosts is easy and straightforward. For more information see StarGate cloning.

For an overview on the entire vector portfolio, click the Expression Vector Table.

! In cases where the optimal expression system (affinity tag) is not known and different affinity tags have to be tested, our StarGate cloning system might be advantageous.