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For some recombinant proteins, purification characteristics on Strep-Tactin® MarcoPrep® differ from those on Strep-Tactin® Sepharose®

Better purification results with Macro-Prep
Lane 1, molecular weight standard (kDa);
Lane 2, Strep-Tactin® MacroPrep purified protein sample;
Lane 3, Strep-Tactin® Sepharose® purified protein sample;
Lane 4, soluble raw lysate as applied on each column


The Coomassie stained SDS gel shows the purification of a recombinant protein which exhibits exceptionally high non-specific protein binding. In this case, we have been able to remove the contaminants nearly quantitatively using the Strep-Tactin® MacroPrep® resin while the contaminants co-eluted with the recombinant protein after the same purification protocol using the Strep-Tactin® Sepharose® resin. (Please note: normally behaving recombinant proteins can be purified in a single step to homogeneity using Strep-Tactin® Sepharose®). This example shows that it may be reasonable to change the resin if non-specific protein binding occurs.

MacroPrep® is particularly advantageous, e.g. for plant proteins, where purification with MacroPrep® leads to better protein yields

Strep-Tactin® Spin Column Purification of three different Strep-tag® proteins

Protein purification using Strep-Tactin spin columns
lanes 1 and 8: marker;
lanes 2, 4 and 6: bacterial crude lysate;
lanes 3, 5 and 7: purified Strep-tag proteins