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Strep-Tactin® MacroPrep®

The MacroPrep® resin exhibits non-specific binding properties differing from those of Sepharose® or Superflow® and can, thus, be recommended in cases where suboptimal results are obtained with Sepharose® or Superflow®, and vice versa (see applications).

MacroPrep® is available in a multitude of formats, click here for all available column formats.

  • Pre-packed gravity flow columns
  • Strep-Tactin® Macroprep® H-PR cartridge for Äkta applications
  • Spin columns for rapid parallel purification of Strep-tag® proteins
  • MacroPrep® columns coated with the Strep-tag® antibodies (StrepMAB Classic and StrepMAB Immo)

For purification of Strep-tag® II proteins by gravity flow or under low pressure

Strep-Tactin Macroprep as H-PR cartridges
  • Strep-Tactin® MacroPrep® is available as pre-packed gravity flow columns or as H-PR cartridges (for chromatography workstations with 10-32 connections).

Strep-Tactin® Spin columns - for rapid parallel purification of Strep-tag® proteins

Strep-Tactin Macroprep as spin columns
  • up to 150 µg Strep-tag® protein in less than 10 minutes
  • ready-to-use spin columns
  • fast parallel processing of multiple samples
  • highly cost-effective!

Gravity flow StrepMAB-Classic MacroPrep® Column

An antibody-based option for Strep-tag® protein purification

This new antibody-based purification column with StrepMAB-Classic immobilized to MacroPrep® provides an alternative for purification  of Strep-tag® proteins. Using this column as second step following purification via Strep-Tactin®, protein purity can be increased to over 99% while only one tag – the Strep-tag® – is used.

In protein:protein interaction analysis, e.g. this column is used in the so-called One-TAP system, were it enables a second, completely independent purification step with respect to resin (MacroPrep® vs Superflow®) and affinity receptor (mAB vs Strep-Tactin®).