Fab Streptamers®

Reversible reagents for isolation (and staining) of lymphocytes

The Streptamer® technology enables

  • the complete dissociation of all labeling reagents from the cells so that the cells preserve their full biological function.

Using our magnetic Fab Streptamer® reagents, you can isolate any cell carrying a surface marker which defines a cell subset, e.g. T cells (CD3, CD4, CD8), memory T cells (CD8, CD62L, CD45RA-), regulatory T cells (CD4, CD25, CD45RA), naive T cells (CD8 CD62L CD45RA) and B cells (CD19). With our Fab Streptamer® fluorochromes (PE, APC) you can easily stain your cell isolates with the same reagents you previously used for cell isolation.

Fluorescent Cell Staining

What you need:

  • Strep-Tactin® PE or APC labeled

For staining of cell isolates obtained after magnetic cell isolation with the Fab Streptamer® isolation kits.

Magnetic Cell Isolation

What you need:

  • Cell marker specific Fab-Strep
  • Strep-Tactin® magnetic microbeads for manual cell isolation with a permanent magnet (i.e. IBA´s StrepMan)
  • Buffer IS for washing and D-biotin for dissociation of labeling reagents

Available as: