Immobilization with Strep-Tactin®XT:Twin-Strep-tag®

Due to the extra tight binding affinity of Strep-Tactin®XT to Twin-Strep-tag®, the system can now be used for highly efficient immobilization of the target protein using the same tag.

New applications:
Excellent performance:
  • BIAcore
  • Enzyme activity assays
  • Diagnostic assays
  • High affinity in pM range (T1/2 = 13 h)
  • Reversibility due to addition of Biotin
  • Minimal non-specific binding

Strep-Tactin®XT immobilization plates

  • Ready-to-use 96-well plates
  • Minimal non-specific binding
  • Minimal coefficients of variation
  • High affinity (pM range)
  • Reversibility maintaines upon additioni of biotin
  • Cost effective

Application example

The following assay shows the comparison of the immobilization efficiency of the bacterial alkaline phosphatase (BAP-Strep-tag®II) on Strep-Tactin®XT and Strep-Tactin®. Here, different amounts of BAP were subjected to the coated microplates. After washing, the relative maximum amount of immobilized BAP was determined. The relative signal intensity reflects the amount of bound BAP.

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Develop your own Assay!

Due to the high binding affinity of Strep-Tactin XT with Twin-Strep-tag in the low pM range, it is highly suitable for assays like SPR (surface plasmon resonance).

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