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Web support

Log in to MyIBA

To be able to complete your order process, you have to log in to the MyIBA account. For an initial registration, please use your e-mail address.

If you had ordered before at the former IBA web shop (including the Oligo Shop), you may use your old user name (= e-mail address) and password, provided your shipping and billing addresses are identical. If shipping and billing addresses are not identical, we have created a special log-in for you, which you should have received by e-mail.

If you are not able to log in, please request a new password using the “Forgot password” button or contact webmaster@iba-lifesciences.com.

To order custom oligos, please use our well established Oligo Shop. Here, you have to log in to a separate Oligo Shop data base, which is independent from MyIBA. If you have ordered custom oligos before, your user name and password  for this separate shop is still the same.  If you change your password at www.iba-lifesciences.com/myiba, this will not affect the Oligo Shop password.

Pre-defined DNA/RNA, such as triphosphates or dinucleotides, can be ordered at www.iba-lifesciences.com/myiba using the MyIBA account. Please note that you are not able to order pre-defined DNA/RNA at the Oligo Shop anymore.

MyIBA also lists your order history, the order status and tracking information for your orders.

Contact the IBA webmaster

If you happen to have any problems with our site or if you have questions about our online ordering system, please contact webmaster@iba-lifesciences.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

You may also call the IBA Headquarters in Germany at phone +49 (0) 551 50672-0.

Symbols in our online ordering system
  • Add to cart: Add products you would like to order to your cart.
  • Inquire availability: The product is temporarily out of stock. Please inquire the delivery time.
  • Inquire price: The price is available on request only.
  • Select kit component: Please select at least one kit component before adding the product to your cart. 
  • pricetag: quantity discount available
Shopping cart

Please add all products you would like to order to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

Carts can be saved for future orders. They can be retrieved in the MyIBA area.

Quick order

A Quick order function allows you to type in product numbers or key words in a quick list to order products you already know by catalog number or name.

While you type the system provides several choices available.

My Favorites

Within the Product section you are able to pre-select products you are interested in by adding them to My Favorites.

My Inquiries

Within the Product section, you are able to send us inquiries about products, which can not be ordered right away, since they are out of stock or have the price set on request only. Your inquiry list will be shown under My Inquiries.