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Cloning & Expression

The StarGate System offers a versatile system for high-throughput cloning, simplifying the process with recombination-based techniques for rapid construction of a multitude of different expression vectors.

Direct transfer cloning allows for direct transfer of DNA fragments into an expression vector of your choice, while two-step cloning assembles DNA sequences one at a time. In the first step in a so-called entry vector and from there the GOI sequence can be distributed in parallel into a large number of expression vectors.

StarGate Cloning's special features include high recombination efficiency, making it ideal for high-throughput cloning to validate the best expression conditions for a protein. Expression vectors are crucial for protein production, designed to ensure high expression levels with regulatory elements for effective control. 

Expression in E. coli is popular due to rapid growth and well-understood genetics, though codon optimization and protein folding must be considered. The Tet expression system allows tight control over gene expression with tetracycline, enabling regulated studies of gene function. TypeIIS restriction enzymes facilitate seamless DNA constructs by cutting DNA at defined positions outside recognition sequences.  

Selecting appropriate expression hosts, such as bacteria, yeast, insect, and mammalian cells, is critical for successful protein production, each offering unique advantages. Transfection, the process of introducing nucleic acids into cells, is essential for gene function studies, recombinant protein production, and gene therapy development The MEXi workflow offers high-yield protein production in mammalian cells through a coordinated system of expression vectors, transfection and the MEXi-293E cells, ensuring efficient and scalable production.

These cloning and expression systems have broad applications in research and biotechnology, including therapeutic protein production, gene function studies, and development of genetically modified organisms for various industrial uses. Explore our website for more detailed information on each topic.