Biotin stock solution

100 mM concentrated biotin for dissociation of Twin-Strep-tag® from Strep-Tactin® suitable for cells


Biotin stock solution for preparing a dissociation buffer when using the Strep-tag® technology for cells (Fab-TACS®/Nano-TACS®, CD3/CD28 Streptamer®, MHC I Streptamer®) or exosomes (Fab-TACS® for exosomes). Biotin addition causes the rapid dissociation of isolation reagents from the surface. Thus, fully functional and highly pure cells or exosomes are received.


Concentration: 100 mM
Form: Dissolved in DPBS

Shipping information

Storage: 2-8 °C
Stability: 12 months after shipping
Shipping: Room temperature or blue ice


10x Buffer CI
Cell isolation buffer containing 10x PBS with 10 mM EDTA and 5% BSA