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Cloning & Transfection

Vectors for Recombinant Protein Expression

Expression vectors for IBA's proprietary affinity tags Strep-tag® and Twin-Strep-tag® are available for a multitude of expression hosts. IBA provides in addition vectors for other common affinity tags:

Affinity tag Expression hosts
  • Twin-Strep-tag®
  • Strep-tag®
  • His-tag
  • GST-tag
  • FLAG-tag

Additional available features:

  • Secretion signals (ompA, BM40) and
  • Different resistances for E. coli (Ampicillin and Chloramphenicol)

Transfection of DNA/RNA into Target Cells

Magnet Assisted Transfection (MATra) is an extremely gentle, easy-to-handle, fast and highly efficient technology to transfect cells in culture. Using this technique, nucleic acids are in a first step associated with specific magnetic nanoparticles (MagTag®). Exploiting magnetic force the full nucleic acid dose is then drawn towards and delivered into the target cells leading to efficient transfection without disturbing the membrane architecture, without causing chromosomal damage or leaving a hole in the cell membrane like other transfection technologies.