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Protein production & assays

The 3rd generation Strep-tag® System is based on the newly developed Strep-Tactin®XT in combination with Twin-Strep-tag®. This new system is characterized by a near covalent binding affinity, but maintained reversibility. Get a compact overview on the new system here:


The Strep-tag® system for purification of recombinant proteins provides the reliable one-step purification of proteins suitable for any application, including:

  • Structural and functional investigations
  • Crystallization for determination of 3D structure

Due to the mild conditions Twin-Strep-tag® recombinant proteins can also be used for:

  • Assays involving protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions
  • Investigating ligand-receptor interactions under physiological conditions
  • Separating living cells for re-culturing purposes

The Strep-tag® system is one of the most widely used affinity chromatography systems in protein purification, detection and immobilization and offers many advantages:

For the use of this system we offer a large range of high quality products, such as

  • Cloning/Expression Vectors for different hosts
  • Transfection reagents
  • MEXi mammalia expression system
  • Different Strep-Tactin® purification resins and pre-packed columns
  • Detection Systems with Strep-Tactin® conjugates or a monoclonal antibody
  • Immobilization products for Assays