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Fluorescent cell staining of antigen- or receptor-specific T cells

Streptamer®: fully reversible reagents for uncompromised staining intensity and accuracy

Fluorescent cell staining provides a multitude of information, which is important for the analysis of cell functions. In order to achieve reliable and reproducible results, the cells have to be unmanipulated. The Streptamer® technology offers excellent staining intensities for cell staining and can be completely removed from the cells with no reagents remaining on the cells. This completely reversible cell staining technology preserves the functional status of the cells after staining.


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Streptamer® - Key features

  • high specificity
  • high sensitivity
  • high reproducibility
  • no leftover of staining reagents on the cells after FACS sorting
  • optimal preservation of cell effector function
  • improved viability of cells

Streptamer® - Principle

Animation of T cell staining with fluorescent MHC I Streptamers®:

Fluorescent Fab Streptamers®
 Fluorescent MHC I Streptamers®
for fluorescent staining of T cells and subsets, after previous isolation with the magnetic Fab Streptamers®

for fluorescent staining of antigen-specific CD8+ T cells, for e.g. FACS

The Streptamer® principle: full reversibility

Low affinity Strep-tagged Fab fragments or MHC molecules are multimerized with Strep-Tactin®, a streptavidin derivative, to generate multimers with high binding avidity. Strep-Tactin® is conjugated with the fluorochromes APC or PE for cell staining. By adding low concentrations of biotin, which competes with high affinity for the binding of Strep-tag® to Strep-Tactin®, the staining reagents can be completely removed from the cell surface. This reversibility enables multiple cell stainings with different Strep-Tactin® fluorochromes from the same sample.

The Streptamer® reagents: a modular system

Fab-Streps or MHC-Streps are combined with fluorescence-labeled Strep-Tactin® for cell staining. Biotin is offered as stock solution with the Streptamer® Solution Set which is used for removal of cell staining reagents. This modular reagent system enables the economic generation of multiple receptor- or antigen-specific staining and isolation reagents. All reagents can be purchased as single products or assembled in ready-to-use staining and isolation kits.