Wet Fred eases your protein purification

Wet Fred is an application aid for purification of Strep-tag® fusion proteins via gravity flow columns.


  • Runs overnight
  • No clogging
  • Column cannot run dry
  • Application of whole sample
  • Large volumes
  • Easy operation in refridgerators
! Simple and economic solution
! Optimal for cell culture supernatant

When to use Wet Fred?

Mammalian and insect cell expression systems are often used to secrete proteins into the cell culture medium. Thus, the protein is present in large volumes before the purification step. To apply this large volume onto a gravity flow column with continuous flow, the WET FRED applicator was developed. This device facilitates the transfer of large cell culture volumes to a Strep-Tactin® gravity flow column for purification of the recombinant target protein fused
with (Twin-) Strep-tag®. It works by hydrostatic pressure (siphon principle). Due to its small size and flexibility, it is easy to handle at the bench, in the cold room or in the fridge. Columns cannot run dry and do not need supervision. Furthermore, no sophisticated software is necessary facilitating set up and use.