Reversible immobilization of biotinylated analytes or Strep-tag®II and Twin-Strep-tag® fusion proteins


Strep-Tactin® is a streptavidin variant, which can be utilized for coating of different surfaces. It is optimized for the binding of Strep-tag®II and Twin-Strep-tag® fusion proteins but still maintains the ability to capture biotinylated targets. Therefore, it can be used for assay development and protein interaction studies, including experiments such as proximity-dependent biotin identification (BioID).


Biotin Binding Capacity: > 50 nmol/mg
Form: Lyophilized powder
Possible Application: Coating of surfaces
Purity: > 85%
Reconstitution: Water
Size: 13.3 kDa per subunit

Shipping information

Storage: -20 °C
Stability: 6 months after shipping
Shipping: Room temperature

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