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Twin-Strep-tag® Capture Kit

Reversible capture of Twin-Strep-tag® fusion proteins for SPR analysis


Content: 1 Stk

Twin-Strep-tag® Capture Kit is intended for site-directed, reversible capture of Twin-Strep-tag® fusion proteins for biomolecular interaction analysis using surface plasmon resonance (SPR) devices. The kit provides Strep-Tactin®XT, Immobilization Buffer, Regeneration Buffer, and GFP-Twin-Strep-tag® as control protein. It enables the highly stable immobilization of the ligand based on the unique Strep-Tactin®XT:Twin-Strep-tag® interaction, which operates with pM affinity.

The key benefits are:
• Indirect immobilization protecting the ligand from chemical modification as well as inactivation or manipulation by the immobilization procedure
• High affinity enabling measurements over a long period (high affinity in low pM range; T1/2 = 13 h)
• Chip can be regenerated easily by an established procedure – cost effective
• Ligands can be captured directly from complex samples due to the high affinity and specificity of the Twin-Strep-tag®:Strep-Tactin®XT interaction

The use of unconjugated Strep-Tactin®XT requires a license that is provided with the purchase of the kit as limited use license.


Kit Content: SPR Immobilization Buffer, Regeneration Buffer, Strep-Tactin®XT , GFP-Twin-Strep-tag
Possible Application: Site-directed, reversible capture of Twin-Strep-tag® fusion proteins
Specificity: Twin-Strep-tag®; cross reactivity: biotin

Shipping information

Storage: 2-8 °C, -20 °C
Stability: 12 months after shipping
Shipping: Room temperature

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